WillDriver Affiliates Program

Earn Sales Commissions. Nothing-Down.

Earn On Your Sales & On Your Down-Line

Anyone, including investment planners and attorneys who service client estate assets are invited to participate in the WillDriver Affiliates Program. As an affiliate partner, you can open and manage Will Records for your clients or simply refer them to WillDriver to open their own Will Record accounts. In both cases, as an Affiliate Member, you receive a Sales Agent Commission for being the direct referrer of a Will Record subscription and if you are a Distributor with Sales Agents below you, you receive a Distributor’s Commission each time your Sales Agents close on a Will Record subscription.

Take Care of Clients with Enhanced Services

Aside from commissions, your helping protect estate documents is a great way to build and maintain client relationships. You’ll also enhance your service offering by providing protection for Last Wills & Testaments.

20% Sales Agent Commission: Sales Commission on first sale to a customer payable to the Sales Agent who directly closes a Will Record subscription (new subscription uses your personal Affiliate Agent Tracking Code upon sign up). Note that your own Will Record subscriptions count toward your sales commissions.

5% Distributors Commission: A separate Distributors Commission on first sale to a customer is available for Up-Line Distributors of the Sales Agents that directly closes a Will Record subscription. Such Distributors Commissions are paid on a cascading, bottom-tier protected, 65/35% commission basis (see examples below).

By Invitation Only: You must have a direct Up-Line Distributor invite you into the WillDriver System (they will give you their personal Affiliate Agent Tracking Code for use during sign up).

How Much Can a Sales Agent Make?

WillDriver Affiliates are eligible for two types of commissions: 20% Sales Agent Commission on direct sales irrespective of number of Up-Line Distributors, and; 5% Distributors’ Commission distributed in a bottom-tier-protected 65/35% formula in which the lowest tier Distributor receives 65% of the 5% pool and any additional Up-Line Distributors receive a cascading 65/35% share of the remaining 35% of the pool. To put the commission model into perspective, assuming an average Sales Agent investment planner or attorney has 400 clients, lands 25% of those clients, for 10-year WillDriver packages, that would mean total revenues of $89,910 and the following commission scenarios:

Two-Tier Sale:

  • Distributor: 5%
  • Sales Agent: 20%

Which translates to commissions of:

  • Distributor: $4,495.50
  • Sales Agent: $17,982.00

Three-Tier Sale:

  • Distributor A: 1.75%
  • Distributor B: 3.25%
  • Sales Agent: 20%

Which translates to commissions of:

  • Distributor A: $1,573.43
  • Distributor B: $2,922.07
  • Sales Agent:$17,982.00

Four-Tier Sale:

  • Distributor A: 0.6125%
  • Distributor B: 1.1375%
  • Distributor C: 3.25%
  • Sales Agent: 20%

Which translates to commissions of:

  • Distributor A: $550.70
  • Distributor B: $1,022.73
  • Distributor C: $2,922.07
  • Sales Agent: $17,982.00

Key Targets: Follow Age & Assets

Best target customers for WillDriver are those with boco-bucks. And the richer they are, the valuable WillDriver is to them. At the same time, the more their net worth, the more nominal WillDriver fees are. Relevant United States demographic factoids include:

  • 82% of people at least 72 years old have Wills.
  • 60% of people 50-72 years old have Wills.
  • 36% of People 40-50 years old have Wills.
  • 12% of Millennials have Wills.
  • People with higher incomes are more likely to have Wills. Their Wills are also more likely to be out of date (i.e., naming of current assets and beneficiaries).
  • The top reason for not having a Will is that the subject hasn’t gotten around to it. Music legend Prince should have gotten around to it.