Imagine receiving a mobile notification that you’re about to be eviscerated by a nuke.

That’s what I received the morning of January 13, 2018. Many thoughts raced through my mind including, “Oh crap, we just finished Dad’s will, but there’s no back up copy out of state!”

Safe Deposit Boxes May Fail

In that moment, I realized that traditional safe deposit boxes and fire safes can fail in nuclear incidents, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, large fires and other natural disasters. And if your documents are lost, your legacy wishes might not be carried out as you intend. Worse, your assets might even be lost forever.

A Better Solution for Safeguarding Wills

Fortunately the alert was a mistake. So once things settled down, I asked our attorney if his services included storing copies in remote locations. He said no, but guessed that there might be be a cloud-based solution. A search for online solutions showed disappointing options, so I pinged my business partner and we decided to make our own solution. We’re both first customers of our own system. We hope that WillDriver serves you and your legacy well. Got ideas on how to make it better? Contact Us »